MCC de Kempen has three different tracks, one track of 1.750 meters (The Big Track), one track of 1.300 meters (The Little Track) and one track for the little ones. 85cc and 65cc bikes are not allowed to run on the large track, sidecars are not allowed on the small track. The third track is for miniquad’s and bikes till 50cc.



  • When you’re not a member, you pay €17,50- as solo rider and with sidecar €30,- per practice.
  • To practice you need a MCC De Kempen practice card, this card is valid for 1 year and costs €10,- per year
  • To practice you need a insurance license from the MON or KNMV. Other licences are not valid on our tracks.
  • An approved environment mat is required. This absorbs liquid and doesn’t let them through.
  • Don’t make more noise then 94DB.
  • Drive safely when not on the track.
  • take the trash you make back home or deposit it in the there for recycle bins.
  • keep dogs on leash.
  • On the little track are sidecars not allowed.
  • It’s possible that tracks close earlier because of maintenance.