MC Wielewaal – MCO Oirschot – MCC de Kempen

During the motocross competitions for the Open Kempen Championships organized by MCC de Kempen, MCO Oirschot and MC de Wielewaal is driven according to the regulations of the KNMV. In addition to these regulations, the following rules and regulations apply: Every participant must be in possession of a (valid) KNMV basic license and / or a MON training card. This document must be able to be presented at registration. Riders with a foreign starting license (VLM-MCLB etc.) must apply for a MON Day license upon registration. In addition, everyone needs to be in possession of a training or membership card of the club in question where the race is currently being held, or to request it on the spot.

Timekeeping is done in all classes using MyLaps. You will not be included in the results without a (working) transponder. If we do not get a transponder signal from your transponder in the jury room, that is not ours. In that case, you will therefore not appear in the results.
We use the following classes for all competitions. Subject to the number of participants, driving is done in the following composite groups. The organization reserves the right to group classes and / or groups together if it considers this useful or necessary. Results and standings are made for the following classes:

Group Class Comments
Group 1
(8 min. + 1 round)
50cc Hobby
50 cc start licence
65 cc step
Driving on shortened track.
Transponder mandatory for final ranking.
Group 2
(10 min. + 1 round)
65cc small wheels hobby
65cc big wheels hobby
65cc small wheels start licence
65cc big wheels start licence
Hobby riders and KNMV DMX riders
MON + KNMV + foreign Start licence holders
Group 3
(12 min. + 1 round)
85cc small wheels hobby
85cc big wheels hobby
85cc small wheels start licence
85cc big wheels start licence
Hobby riders and KNMV DMX riders
MON + KNMV + foreign Start licence holders
Group 4
(12 min. + 1 round)
Veterans Age min. 40 year in 2017
Group 5
(15 min. + 1 round)
Quads With at least 5 pre-registrations per competition
Group 6
(15 min. + 1 round)
MX125 MON: Youth, Juniors and seniors
KNMV DMX (minus see start license)
Group 7
(15 min. + 1 round)
MX250 MON: Youth, Juniors and seniors
KNMV DMX (minus see start license)
Group 8
(15 min. + 1 round)
MX500 MON: Youth, Juniors and seniors
KNMV DMX (minus see start license)
Group 9
(15 min. + 1 round)
Start licence holders MON: Nationals and Inters
KNMV all start licence holders + in 2017 DMX top 10 final result incl. MX2 2 stroke

Start numbers are issued at registration and apply to all competitions. The person who comes first with his / her starting number holds the right to this number for all subsequent matches. Everyone rides all matches with the same number. When you register, you are also required to provide your transponder number. Without a transponder number you will not be placed on the registration lists and you will not be able to participate.
Registration numbers assigned at registration must be clearly visible on three sides of the engine, to the ear section of the jury. Drivers with, in the opinion of the jury, insufficiently readable numbers are not included in the result. This despite the presence of a transponder. We do this as a service to the public so that they can better follow the competition.
The points allowance is as follows: For each race, the 1st – 25 points, the 2nd – 22 points, the 3rd – 20 points, the 4th – 18 points, the 5th – 16 points, the 6th – 15 points, the 7th – 14 points , the 8th – 13 pnt, the 9th – 12 pnt etc.
start set-up at every competition: 1st moto on the basis of draw. The 2nd moto on the basis of the result of the 1st moto.
A daily classification is drawn up for each competition and there are cups for the first three of the daily classification in each youth class. For participants in the classes; veterans, Quads, MX2 and MX open there are vouchers as prizes.
All participants compete for the daily classification.
competition dates 2018:

25 March Eersel
06 May Reusel
27 May Eersel
10 June Reusel
26 August Reusel
14 October Oirschot incl. presentation of the final classification

All riders compete for the final classification that will be made after the last race. All motos in the open Kempen Championship which are organized by MCC de Kempen, MCO Oirschot and MC de Wielewaal count towards the final classification.
Provisional timetable Oirschot, Reusel and Eersel (subject to change):

08:00 – 09:00 Register
09:30 – 11:00 Training per group in group order (8 min per group)
11:00 – 11:30 Pause – slide short job
11:30 – 13:45 1e Manches
13:45 – 14:15 Pause – slide short job
14:15 – 16:30 2e Manches
17:00 Award ceremony

Registration costs:
– Own members organizing association: TBD
– Members visiting club : € 10,-
– Non-members: €15,-
Award ceremony every race as soon as possible after the last round.
The award ceremony of the final classification of all competitions will follow immediately after the award ceremony of the last competition.
You are requested to leave the paddock neatly and take the waste home with you.
In case these regulations do not provide, the competition management decides in consultation with the 2 organizing associations.

Note: The sound is checked. If you make too much noise, you will be disqualified.

For further questions please send an email to

MCO Oirschot – MCC de Kempen – MC de Wielewaal